“Every single one makes the difference” and “Together we are strong” – those two values work hand in hand with us. We are a service provider and people business in the IT sector, and we consider ourselves pioneers in innovation, technology and in a respectful interaction with customers and partners.

We want to connect and empower people by granting them access to knowledge, tools and expertise that benefits not only them but all of us. This reflects in our motto as well:

inpeek. empowering and connecting people.


Our work is characterized by people. Every single one is important and helps us reaching our goals: For us quality means to inspire people.

We develop advanced and sopsticated solutions for our customers, which help them to reach their full competitive potential or to achieve more with less expense. In this remit, which demands creativity and responsibility day for day, we want to understand our customer’s needs, we analyze processes, we dive into the code and we design forward-looking infrastructures.

With extensive training offerings and an open infrastructure, we lay the foundation for our employees to identify, develop and utilize their individual strengths. We are networked with various education centers to give young professional an optimal starting point.

The courage to innovate, autonomous working and personal initiative are valued and promoted – at inpeek everyone makes the difference.


The human aspect is as for us at least as important as professionalism. We share know-how and expertise, and we promote cordial and sincere community because you can reach your full potential only if you feel welcome as a person. Nurturing the right talent at the right place lets you harvest inspiration and satisfaction.

Everyone is given the room to grow personally and as a team. Our coaches are committed to help with self-reflection and accompanying training broadens one’s horizon. A flat hierarchy and our open, tolerant culture open the way for passion and new ideas.

We create true meaningfulness: As a team we gain strength, clarity and authenticity by following a common vision and respecting or promoting each team member. We can take on complex challenges and brave them convincingly. Working at inpeek means working with heart and mind.



For us, the development and advancement of new ideas and solutions is of great significance. That’s why we ensure that everyone at inpeek has enough freedom to do so – we even created an own department for this.


No matter if young or young at heart – Appreciation, camaraderie and team spirit are valued highly. This is demonstrated at our communal events and parties.


We promote the personal and professional growth of everyone as it is the foundation of our success as a team and basis for meaningful work.


Intership for students

You are a student (undergraduate or masters) and you are interested in inpeek AG. An internship offers you the possibility to get to know us better. Requirements: at least 60 ECTS points or a degree in informatics, business informatics or related disciplines.

Get to know Internship

  • Lasts 2 to 4 weeks
  • You support us in one specific task
  • You learn more about our working methods and our team
  • Example projects: migration web application from AngularJS to Angular or Data Cleansing for faded measurement data

Project Internship

  • Lasts 12 weeks up to ½ year
  • You learn more about our new technologies and apply them in a real project accompanied by an expert
  • Example project: Development of backend endpoints for a web application or establishment of a PDF-Creation-Pipeline
  • While you assist the day-to-day operations, you can get to know our company better.