Our commitment is multidimensional: economic, human and social

With our people-centered focus, we are addressing the deeply rooted and ever-growing desire in society that companies should also take much greater account of individual, social and environmental aspects. This makes inpeek much more than a company that derives its legitimacy exclusively from expansion and financial profit.

We want to be a pioneer and role model in this respect as well: Away from purely profit-oriented thinking, towards social responsibility and sustainable action. And thus make our contribution to a future worth living for all.


Companies can make a major contribution to protecting and preserving our environment: through sustainable working practices and the use of energy by the company itself – and by encouraging employees to act in an environmentally conscious manner in their day-to-day work. The helpful contribution to environmental protection often starts with small details.

We at inpeek attach great importance to this and work on both setting a good example and providing our employees with optimum support in sustainable action. Examples of this are the avoidance and recycling of waste, targeted use of heating and air-conditioning, reduction of paper consumption, compensation for travel costs to appointments by bicycle, support for the purchase of electric vehicles, and much more.


We are aware of our privileged position and want to make the most of it – for ourselves, but also and especially for others. Social responsibility and social commitment are very important to us. This is demonstrated by the fact that we take the integrative idea seriously and are happy to offer committed potential employees a career opportunity at inpeek, regardless of their background and educational background. As well as through our targeted activities to support organizations or individuals in the service of the common good, e.g. the Schnauz Challenge or Future Day.

And beyond that, consistently in small but thoughtful measures and regulations in daily business.


Happiness, satisfaction and performance at work and in private life are influenced by many different factors that are often interconnected – from mental strength to professional competence to health aspects.

Under the umbrella term “Personal Care @inpeek”, we address various facets in order to support everyone individually and as optimally as possible in their personal development. We support our employees through professional mentoring, performance management, personal health coaching and mental coaching, among other things.

Balance and considerate cooperation are important to us. In the team, we ambitiously follow the motto “play to win” – but we are careful to respect the performance limits of each individual and not to exceed them.


We want to create an inclusive environment in which every employee can develop his or her authentic personality and every customer, partner or other party involved can benefit from respectful, positive cooperation. In doing so, we rely on fair and appreciative interpersonal interaction – always at eye level.

We are all kings and queens. And that’s how we treat each other.


Further current examples and concrete measures with which we are committed to the topic of sustainability can be found in our news section under the tag “sustainability@inpeek”.

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