What we can do for you

Inpeek is a young and innovative IT technology enterprise. We are SAP partners since our foundation in 2009 and specialized in consulting and development services for SAP solutions.

In which business fields we operate

Our business fields equal a dynamic organism, that provides us with a high degree of agility and innovation. This dynamic allows us to easily adjust to an ever-changing market environment – with much joy.

We differentiate our business units into “Sector”, “SAP modules”, “Engineering”, “Development” and “Technology & Integration”. In reality however, we conduct an interdisciplinary exchange between all business units. With this continuous view beyond the horizon, we place the foundation for new impulses and ideas, creating sustainable values.


Every sector has rules of its own. With innovative solutions, e.g for the energy or real estate sector, we cover typical business scenarios that make your work easier to manage. Existing customers as well as new customers benefit from our extensive experiences in various business sectors like energy and public administration.


Practical solutions, with a high level of user acceptance from private users or corporate users, are only feasible with a deep understanding of the underlying business processes. We fully immerse ourselves in the conditions of the appropriate line of business. Our practical experiences and insights in various business units allow us to work with our customers on eye level.


Our historical origin is a deep technological understanding, this also builds a sound footing for numerous successful projects and our passion. A deep and broad understanding of underlying technologies, continuing education as well as the courage to commit our knowledge to the development of internal solutions give us the deciding step ahead. This devotion enables us to create innovative SAP solutions.


The software market is in constant flux and is growing steadily. We always stay on top of technologies and existing solutions. In some cases, we suggest considering the development of customized software, because it is not always possible to map individual processes and workflows to standardized software. In this case the development of a custom solution, be it add-on or complete solution, can provide the edge in efficiency, productivity and profitability.


The subject of “digital transformation” is discussed again and again. Experts and analysts surpass each other with predictions on how digital business models and the internet of things will change the whole business world. In reality however, many companies have very different matters at hand. Daily work routine is hindered by time consuming evaluations, unreliable data, inconsistent processes and partially outdated systems. It is particularly important to implement and connect structures, existing and new, in such a way that, they actually meet business goals.



We constantly observe and evaluate the latest technology trends. Together with our partners and customers we conduct proof of concepts to implement these new technologies as soon as possible.


We review and evaluate the sustainability and integration capacity of software and system architectures, no matter whether they are hosted on-premises, hybrid or cloud based.


We place all our passion in the integration and the overarching provision of data and services: Successful integration is our answer to increasingly heterogeneous Best-of Breed system topologies, that result from various usage- and information requirements of users.


We consistently think and act from the perspective of the user. For us, process engagement means to focus on the person and his needs. Customers and users are always our main focus, no matter if B2B or B2C scenarios apply.




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