Clean jobs, automated processes and efficiency: BKW's new workforce management platform

cc energie operates the SAP IS-U system for BKW. Among other things, this requires ongoing further development of the system. We were commissioned by cc energie, in direct coordination with BKW, to integrate a new workforce management system for order execution into SAP IS-U, the industry solution for energy suppliers. In the evaluation phase, in which we played a supporting role, mLogistics from LogObject was selected for this purpose.

Order execution includes scheduling and work by the installer in the field. As part of the project, metering point operation processes such as meter installation, removal, replacement, malfunctions and meter readings were implemented. Prepared orders and master data for execution are transferred to the workforce management system via interfaces.


During evaluation and implementation, particular emphasis was placed on creating and releasing cleanly prepared orders from SAP EAM and SAP IS-U. Movement and master data were to be reconciled between SAP IS-U and the workforce management system. The subsequent processing of orders was also to be automated as far as possible, and a continuous exchange of documents (from SAP to the fitter in the field) was to be guaranteed.

In the case of periodic meter readings, the large number of orders (several 1,000 meter reading orders on each due date) had to be taken into account.

Another requirement for the selected system: It was to enable notification of customers and ensure a 360° view of the customer for the agents working in the SAP system.


Order initiation and the automated preparation of orders are based on SAP EAM and SAP IS-U. Interfaces transmit the orders with all necessary information to the order processing system mLogistics.

In mLogistics, the orders are scheduled and transmitted to the mobile terminal MOT of the corresponding service technician for execution of the order. Completed orders are reported back to SAP via interfaces and posted in SAP EAM and SAP IS-U in a largely automated manner via sophisticated subsequent processing.

The mLogistics workforce management platform is connected to the SAP backend system using XI and SOAP services via SAP PO. Orders can thus be transferred from the SAP system to mLogistics, including master data and all required documents (e.g., meter installation, removal, replacement, malfunctions and meter readings, special devices).

In addition, the implementation of interfaces for the dynamic classification of service products and characteristics of technical objects was required. Customer contacts, selection aids and configurations are also exchanged via interfaces. It is also possible to create maintenance notifications with a completely dynamic maintenance notification configuration (catalogs).

For the periodic meter readings, the various meter reading systems of BKW were uniformly integrated via SAP PI/PO and a complex Async/Sync and Sync/Async communication was established. Processing takes place in data packets in order to be able to handle the large number of meter reading orders.


BKW's new workforce management platform has proven its worth: On average, around 5,000 jobs are carried out each month. The fitters on site are always supplied with all the important information.

The sophisticated system makes it possible to commission the reading of over 100,000 devices in certain months.


cc energie supports Swiss energy supply companies with ranging services and specialized know-how about customer service centers, billing, business change management and marketing services. cc energie was founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of the renowned energy enterprises BKW Energie AG and Groupe E AG.

The BKW Group is an internationally active energy and infrastructure company headquartered in Bern. It employs around 10,500 people. Thanks to its network of companies and its innovative technologies, it offers its customers comprehensive expertise in the areas of infrastructure, buildings and energy. It plans, builds and operates energy production and supply infrastructures for companies, private individuals and the public sector, and offers digital business models for renewable energies. Today, the BKW Group’s portfolio ranges from planning and consulting in engineering for energy, infrastructure and environmental projects to integrated offerings in the field of building technology and the construction, service and maintenance of energy, telecommunications, transport and water networks.

„The inpeek team supported us with a lot of know-how and commitment during the introduction and integration of our new workforce management platform. The stable and high-performance integration of our systems is a key factor in the digitalization of our process chain in metering point operation.“

Tobias Kaiser, Business Owner BKW









SAP Senior Consultant