Excellent: inpeek is SAP Recognized Expertise Partner for SAP Utilities

Recognition as an “SAP Recognized Expertise Partner” is subject to strict and comprehensive criteria. To receive this certificate, not only a minimum number of successfully implemented projects in the relevant subject area is required, but also a sufficient number of certifications of the employees involved.

We are all the more pleased that our business field Energy was awarded the “SAP Recognized Expertise Utilities” certificate in December 2021 – after 10 years of experience and steady growth in this sector. This was made possible by the above-average performance and great innovative strength of our specialists and bright minds in the team. We invest in their competence growth and further development with conviction and pleasure, even in addition to our day-to-day business. The current award proves how important and meaningful this is.

This now also officially proves our passion and know-how in the “Energy/Utilities” sector – and is not only helpful when accredited trading certificates are required, but is increasingly becoming a significant, objective and confidence-building authority in an environment of increasing technical heterogeneity. With this certification, we position ourselves among the top 3 consulting companies in Switzerland that have been awarded the “SAP Recognized Expertise Utilities” to date.

Dr. Andreas Ritter, Head of Business Field Energy: “We have been active in the energy/utilities environment for 10 years and have successfully completed many projects during this time. In 2021, we launched an additional, large-scale know-how build-up, which has definitely borne fruit: In the meantime, several of our employees are certified in SAP IS-U (industry solution for utilities/utilities industry). Among other things, this has paved the way for us to become an “SAP Recognized Expertise Utilities”. But the most important foundation was and is, of course, the dedicated commitment and extensive expertise of the entire team.”


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one of the top 3 Swiss consulting firms


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Head of Business Field Energy

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