Internet security, robot programmingand an extra kick: Future Day at inpeek

The second Thursday in November is National Future Day – and was of course also marked in our calendar this year. Sharing know-how and experience is an important part of inpeek’s corporate culture. All the better if we can start with the next generation.

Three pupils aged between 11 and 13 were eager and motivated to take part and were given an entertaining insight into the day-to-day work of a service provider in the IT sector as part of a varied day program.

After a warm welcome with croissants and a brief introduction to the company, it was straight down to business: topics such as “What is IT?”, “Internet security” and “Robot programming” were on the agenda.

The Lego robot programmed by our young guests soon rolled through the corridors – followed by the curious pupils, who were able to take a look over the shoulders of various colleagues at their workstations.

Of course, a real IT expert break was not to be missed: The table football provided an extra kick. 😊

The result of a colorful and instructive day was five stars on the evaluation sheets – and above all, beaming faces. Everyone involved was highly committed and gave the children a tangible and engaging insight into what working at inpeek is like. We are already looking forward to Future Day 2024!

About the Future Day

On Future Day, girls and boys change sides and gain practical insights into professions and areas of work in which their gender has previously been underrepresented. The Future Day encourages them to focus on their interests and talents when choosing a career and to question prejudices.

National Future Day thus promotes gender equality in career choices and life planning at an early stage. It is a cooperation project between schools, the world of work and parents.

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