inpeek full speed ahead at the Alpenbrevet 2023

There’s no doubt about it: cycling brings many benefits – whether for the environment or especially for your own health. However, with a concrete goal as an incentive, training is often much better and more consistent. With this in mind, five inpeeker colleagues decided last winter (January/February) to sign up as a loose group for the Alpenbrevet 2023 – each with their own goal on the appropriate route.

Since then, Marco, Manuel, Lukas, Ben and Andi have been steadily working towards it, training, motivating each other, talking shop and building each other up.

On the tour weekend (September 1-2, 2023), the sun smiled on our inpeek team and ensured the best conditions on passes that had been closed just a few days earlier due to snowfall. With an extra dose of togetherness in brand new inpeek jerseys, the five set off, motivated and driven by a multitude of like-minded cyclists.

The Alpenbrevet is the largest cycling marathon in Switzerland in the Swiss Central Alps with 3,000 starting places in one day. In 2023, the event was held for the 45th time.

Participants can choose between four different routes on the public roads around Andermatt, depending on their level and preferences:

  • Bronze = 2 passes
  • Silver = 3 passes
  • Gold = 4 passes
  • Platinum = 5 passes

This year’s schedule also included a gravel tour the day before as a rehearsal for an alpine brevet on unpaved ground.

At the finish line, everyone agreed – the Alpenbrevet was a wonderful and successful event! Each individual has achieved his personal goal and has grown a little beyond himself:

  • Lukas, Ben and Marco fought their way together in just under five hours from Ullrichen over the Nufenen Pass and the Gotthard Pass to Andermatt
    (Bronze tour: 64 kilometers, 2,140 meters of altitude)
  • Manuel conquered the Oberalp, the Lukmanier, the Nufenen and the Furka in just over 9h
    (Gold tour: 214 kilometers, 5’080 vertical meters)
  • Andi spread his effort over the gravel tour the day before (35km, 960 meters altitude difference) and over the Gotthard, Nufenen and Furka in just under 7.5h
    (Silver tour: 105 kilometers, 3’200 vertical meters)

Wow! A super performance!

After the great tour this year, nothing stands in the way of another participation. And various advance inquiries for it have already arrived. The planning for 2024 is rolling. 🙂

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